The Virseptam Insurgence

Getting Acquainted

Better get adjusted quick

Our heroes found themselves right in the middle of a Ghari-Granz attack on Iqoj. They luckily make it out in time and find themselves in the employment of Hanz Nickols. They soon find they’ll be heading to Virseptam for a mission that Hanz is being hired as a privateer for.

The crew got equipped, got their fake ID’s, and headed off to Izabu to pull off a covert mission that would let the Alliance take back the shipyard. The team pulled of the job, with minimal casualties, and the Virseptam Alliance reclaimed the shipyards.

The crew headed back the Virseptam, where they have now officially been made privateers of the Virseptam Alliance and now have access to the Virseptam Alliance Privateer Job Board.



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