The Virseptam Insurgence

Izabu Again

Our heroes find their way back to Izabu on a mission. Their job is to head to MCF-183SR in order to find out about the lost communication from the mining facility as well as find out what happened to the last search team that came here to investigate. Upon inspection of the site, the team found the area to be deserted but relatively undisturbed. It seemed as though the entire populace of the mining facility had simply up and left. The team stays the night in a prefabricated shelter. The next morning they make towards the mine entrance. As they approach, they find the power is out and the lift is down at the bottom. Naomi repairs the cut power conduit and gets power back the the mine entrance. Upon review of the recordings from the security cameras, it would appear that all of the population (Mostly Yazirian), jumped into the shaft in a sort of formation. Even the Humans and Fraal followed in suit. The team raised the lift and made their way down.

At the bottom of the lift they found a body. It was strangely drained looking, almost as if all the moisture and life was taken from them. As the team headed inward, they found themselves in a huge underground cavern. They explored the first level of tunnels, but found nothing but some mining equipment. As they tried to head out, they felt the ground quake and nearly avoided a cave in that blocked their way to the surface. They then took the lift down as low as it would go, to about the fifth level down. There was a murky, dark substance blocking them from going lower. A Yazirian stood there with his eyes aglow, and beckoned them to follow. All the while the team heard these strange and frightful moans from the depths of the mine. As they headed down, they saw molten ore being poured over these poor creatures as they seemingly did it to themselves. Finally, they approached a lift, where a statuesque creature stood, and beckoned them on the lift. As they went down the lift further, they found themselves in a frozen chamber in the face of what they could only describe as the Devil. The team decided to fight back against the creature and try to stave it’s attacks and voices of suggestion it planted in their minds. Chuck Finley however, immediately saw through this ploy, and realized that everything was not as it seemed. Eventually Naomi and Shannon came around to seeing it was a false projection as well. But it struck a near-fatal blow on Naomi and released a powerful attack on Shannon with a mysterious weapon. However, between Chuck and Shannon, the creature went down, disintegrating into nothingness and the projection machine ceased it’s function. Naomi found this technology to be far-advanced and alien to her understanding, and removed the control panel for later analysis. Shannon recovered some of these mysterious weapons and the team found that all the strange images they saw before were false, except for the dead Yazirians and the one living one. They made their way back to the exit, prepared to drill their way out. They found that even the cave in was an illusion. The heroes contacted Pilot Smith and they headed out to Virseptam.

When the team arrived a few days later, they were healed and took some R&R time. Shannon sought out Hanz to show him the weapons. However, he wasn’t sure what they were exactly and returned them to Shannon. In the middle of the night, there was a loud shaking and there were the sounds of gunfire everywhere. The team awoke to finding the Ghari-Granz Empire was attacking with the full hammer of their might. The team fought their way through slews of Granz ground forces. They were almost to the SS The Scout’s Mom when they encountered 3 commandoes and a hovertank. Shannon ran cover as the tank attempted to shoot him down, as Naomi and Chuck attempted to take out the commandoes and disable the tank. The plan was working well, Chuck made it into the tank and took out the two inside, and Shannon effectively avoided being blown up. However, one of the commandoes landed a deadly high-frequency sword attack on Naomi, and she was down for the count. Shannon proceed to eviscerate the remaining commandoes and dragged Naomi’s body into the tank where upon entering, he collapsed due to wounds.

Chuck managed to pilot the tank towards the ship, just as Hanz shot out an EMP burst to disable most of the tanks and approaching attackers. Chuck heroically got Shannon and Naomi out of the crippled tank and to the safety of the ship. When they were on the ship, they saw that Yazirian from before, and again heard that frightening voice in their heads. As the ships all took off, above they saw the fleet of Granz ships, and the Super-Dreadnaught ship, where again, they felt the frightening presence of that voice emanating from. As they jumped to sub-space, the team found that Naomi’s life support systems had failed, and she had passed along with around 25 members of the SS The Scout’s Moms crew. Hanz discussed their future action, and suggested starting a new rebellion in the flames of the old one and in order to do that, they’ll need to head to Earth.

And on to Earth they went.



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