The Virseptam Insurgence

The Team Goes Rogue

As the team makes their way to Earth, they find that Shannon has entered a coma, and will out of commission for an unforeseeable amount of time. The team lands the SS The Scout’s Mom at Atlantis, and follow Hanz to a meeting place down on the lower levels in Atlantis. They find their way to a nice townhouse, where they are greeted by an old man at the door, named J’Ravis. He invites them in and to sit. They are then greeted by another man, who introduces himself as Sinapi Miraldi. It appears that he has some sort of history with Hanz. The two of them step out for a bit, and Chuck and Scott are introduced to their new team member, Sam. He’s somewhat of a genius. Hanz comes back with a list of 3 names: X’tre Sef, Dexter Fields, and Elie. He tells the group that they need to find these three so that Virseptam can go on. It turns out that Dexter, is on Vestor. So the team heads to Vestor.

Upon arrival at Vestor, the group decides to search out some information on Dexter. Scott does some info gathering at the pharmacy, where he suspects Dexter may have worked. Chuck suspects that Dexter is bit more seedy than that, and heads to the Red Rock Bar. He ends up in a fisticuffs with a guy who only goes by “Captain Dude”. Turns out that Captain Dude drank with Dexter a few times, and he worked for Giotix. Meanwhile, Sam hacks into some government databases to try to get some info on Dexter, but doesn’t find too much. The group then has Sam hack the Giotix computers, set up a fake interview under the guise of the “DunderButt Times” to interview Kurt Petters, head of operations for the Vestor Giotix branch. Upon interviewing him, the group manages to pry out some information that Dexter Fields had stolen, sold, and given information from all the big players on Vestor. Jim Mills (Scott) plans to help Kurt get rid of the Dexter problem. They find out Dexter’s last known location was at 4623B Mining Site.

They decide to steal a vehicle from Iza. Sam does some initial hacking to help the party get in. They disable the security systems, knock out the guard, and acquire a vehicle. Through a clever use of GPS tracking equipment, the team finds the route that the vehicles take to and from each of the dig sites. After a short while, they discover the 4623B Mining Site. They head in, scouting out the area. The team finds a lot of mining equipment and tools. As they go in deeper and deeper, they find a trap had been laid for those who would dare trespass. The heroes are merely slowed down by the trap and were ready to approach the man they believed was Dexter. However, before they could get to the room where the man was, they were attacked by an Airibo XXIII Guard Robot. The team managed to take it out, but didn’t get out completely unscathed. They then confronted Dexter, who was in hysterics. Chuck knocked him out, and they took him out of the mine. They got back in contact with Hanz, and headed to the SS The Scout’s Mom. Inside, Hanz approached the waking Dexter, and pulled out a wicked looking revolver, and ended Dexter’s life on the spot.

It turns out that Dexter, along with the others on the list, were the ones who betrayed the Alliance to the Ghari-Granz. Hanz says that one of them will have key information about Granz contacts, bases, and highly classified information. He plans to avenge those who died while also forwarding the mission of the late Virseptam.



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