The Virseptam Insurgence

The Team Goes Rogue

As the team makes their way to Earth, they find that Shannon has entered a coma, and will out of commission for an unforeseeable amount of time. The team lands the SS The Scout’s Mom at Atlantis, and follow Hanz to a meeting place down on the lower levels in Atlantis. They find their way to a nice townhouse, where they are greeted by an old man at the door, named J’Ravis. He invites them in and to sit. They are then greeted by another man, who introduces himself as Sinapi Miraldi. It appears that he has some sort of history with Hanz. The two of them step out for a bit, and Chuck and Scott are introduced to their new team member, Sam. He’s somewhat of a genius. Hanz comes back with a list of 3 names: X’tre Sef, Dexter Fields, and Elie. He tells the group that they need to find these three so that Virseptam can go on. It turns out that Dexter, is on Vestor. So the team heads to Vestor.

Upon arrival at Vestor, the group decides to search out some information on Dexter. Scott does some info gathering at the pharmacy, where he suspects Dexter may have worked. Chuck suspects that Dexter is bit more seedy than that, and heads to the Red Rock Bar. He ends up in a fisticuffs with a guy who only goes by “Captain Dude”. Turns out that Captain Dude drank with Dexter a few times, and he worked for Giotix. Meanwhile, Sam hacks into some government databases to try to get some info on Dexter, but doesn’t find too much. The group then has Sam hack the Giotix computers, set up a fake interview under the guise of the “DunderButt Times” to interview Kurt Petters, head of operations for the Vestor Giotix branch. Upon interviewing him, the group manages to pry out some information that Dexter Fields had stolen, sold, and given information from all the big players on Vestor. Jim Mills (Scott) plans to help Kurt get rid of the Dexter problem. They find out Dexter’s last known location was at 4623B Mining Site.

They decide to steal a vehicle from Iza. Sam does some initial hacking to help the party get in. They disable the security systems, knock out the guard, and acquire a vehicle. Through a clever use of GPS tracking equipment, the team finds the route that the vehicles take to and from each of the dig sites. After a short while, they discover the 4623B Mining Site. They head in, scouting out the area. The team finds a lot of mining equipment and tools. As they go in deeper and deeper, they find a trap had been laid for those who would dare trespass. The heroes are merely slowed down by the trap and were ready to approach the man they believed was Dexter. However, before they could get to the room where the man was, they were attacked by an Airibo XXIII Guard Robot. The team managed to take it out, but didn’t get out completely unscathed. They then confronted Dexter, who was in hysterics. Chuck knocked him out, and they took him out of the mine. They got back in contact with Hanz, and headed to the SS The Scout’s Mom. Inside, Hanz approached the waking Dexter, and pulled out a wicked looking revolver, and ended Dexter’s life on the spot.

It turns out that Dexter, along with the others on the list, were the ones who betrayed the Alliance to the Ghari-Granz. Hanz says that one of them will have key information about Granz contacts, bases, and highly classified information. He plans to avenge those who died while also forwarding the mission of the late Virseptam.

Izabu Again

Our heroes find their way back to Izabu on a mission. Their job is to head to MCF-183SR in order to find out about the lost communication from the mining facility as well as find out what happened to the last search team that came here to investigate. Upon inspection of the site, the team found the area to be deserted but relatively undisturbed. It seemed as though the entire populace of the mining facility had simply up and left. The team stays the night in a prefabricated shelter. The next morning they make towards the mine entrance. As they approach, they find the power is out and the lift is down at the bottom. Naomi repairs the cut power conduit and gets power back the the mine entrance. Upon review of the recordings from the security cameras, it would appear that all of the population (Mostly Yazirian), jumped into the shaft in a sort of formation. Even the Humans and Fraal followed in suit. The team raised the lift and made their way down.

At the bottom of the lift they found a body. It was strangely drained looking, almost as if all the moisture and life was taken from them. As the team headed inward, they found themselves in a huge underground cavern. They explored the first level of tunnels, but found nothing but some mining equipment. As they tried to head out, they felt the ground quake and nearly avoided a cave in that blocked their way to the surface. They then took the lift down as low as it would go, to about the fifth level down. There was a murky, dark substance blocking them from going lower. A Yazirian stood there with his eyes aglow, and beckoned them to follow. All the while the team heard these strange and frightful moans from the depths of the mine. As they headed down, they saw molten ore being poured over these poor creatures as they seemingly did it to themselves. Finally, they approached a lift, where a statuesque creature stood, and beckoned them on the lift. As they went down the lift further, they found themselves in a frozen chamber in the face of what they could only describe as the Devil. The team decided to fight back against the creature and try to stave it’s attacks and voices of suggestion it planted in their minds. Chuck Finley however, immediately saw through this ploy, and realized that everything was not as it seemed. Eventually Naomi and Shannon came around to seeing it was a false projection as well. But it struck a near-fatal blow on Naomi and released a powerful attack on Shannon with a mysterious weapon. However, between Chuck and Shannon, the creature went down, disintegrating into nothingness and the projection machine ceased it’s function. Naomi found this technology to be far-advanced and alien to her understanding, and removed the control panel for later analysis. Shannon recovered some of these mysterious weapons and the team found that all the strange images they saw before were false, except for the dead Yazirians and the one living one. They made their way back to the exit, prepared to drill their way out. They found that even the cave in was an illusion. The heroes contacted Pilot Smith and they headed out to Virseptam.

When the team arrived a few days later, they were healed and took some R&R time. Shannon sought out Hanz to show him the weapons. However, he wasn’t sure what they were exactly and returned them to Shannon. In the middle of the night, there was a loud shaking and there were the sounds of gunfire everywhere. The team awoke to finding the Ghari-Granz Empire was attacking with the full hammer of their might. The team fought their way through slews of Granz ground forces. They were almost to the SS The Scout’s Mom when they encountered 3 commandoes and a hovertank. Shannon ran cover as the tank attempted to shoot him down, as Naomi and Chuck attempted to take out the commandoes and disable the tank. The plan was working well, Chuck made it into the tank and took out the two inside, and Shannon effectively avoided being blown up. However, one of the commandoes landed a deadly high-frequency sword attack on Naomi, and she was down for the count. Shannon proceed to eviscerate the remaining commandoes and dragged Naomi’s body into the tank where upon entering, he collapsed due to wounds.

Chuck managed to pilot the tank towards the ship, just as Hanz shot out an EMP burst to disable most of the tanks and approaching attackers. Chuck heroically got Shannon and Naomi out of the crippled tank and to the safety of the ship. When they were on the ship, they saw that Yazirian from before, and again heard that frightening voice in their heads. As the ships all took off, above they saw the fleet of Granz ships, and the Super-Dreadnaught ship, where again, they felt the frightening presence of that voice emanating from. As they jumped to sub-space, the team found that Naomi’s life support systems had failed, and she had passed along with around 25 members of the SS The Scout’s Moms crew. Hanz discussed their future action, and suggested starting a new rebellion in the flames of the old one and in order to do that, they’ll need to head to Earth.

And on to Earth they went.

Privateers: Take 2

The group returns to Virseptam, and scouts around for things to do. Naomi helps out at the shipyards while Virgil heals the sick. Scott discusses plans with Hanz and decides where the group will go. To Earth we go!
The mission: guard a transport on its way to Silver Station. After an easy trip, we meet up with or contact in the Southern Hemisphere. Scott visited Pac-Sun while Naomi fixed an iced-over freezer.

The party proceeds on the way to SS, only to get yanked out of warp by a Granz Dreadnaught-class interdictor. Captain Barra of the GG Defiance demands surrender of the cargo. Granz gunners boarded the ship, taking all of the weapons and herding team Go Time into the captain’s quarters and then locking them in the brig after a brief musical interlude.

The team managed to make their way out of the brig and found the captain as well as some other ship hands. After a brief fire fight, the crew made their way to the power conduits that were powering the gravity generators. With some quick thinking, Naomi disabled the generators and the lights on the ship. The team made their way to an escape shuttle and made it just in time.

The heroes were preparing to jump back into sub-space, just as a Victory Class-Type II Dreadnought jumped into normal space above them. The cargo ship took quite a beating but they managed to jump to sub-space in time. On the trip to Silver Station, the captain revealed the synthesized healing chemicals being transported and the pertinence of secrecy for the mission. However, it would look like there may be a mole leaking information to the Ghari-Granz Empire.

Our heroes made it back to Virseptam, where they nursed their wounds and took some time to recover before the next mission.

Getting Acquainted
Better get adjusted quick

Our heroes found themselves right in the middle of a Ghari-Granz attack on Iqoj. They luckily make it out in time and find themselves in the employment of Hanz Nickols. They soon find they’ll be heading to Virseptam for a mission that Hanz is being hired as a privateer for.

The crew got equipped, got their fake ID’s, and headed off to Izabu to pull off a covert mission that would let the Alliance take back the shipyard. The team pulled of the job, with minimal casualties, and the Virseptam Alliance reclaimed the shipyards.

The crew headed back the Virseptam, where they have now officially been made privateers of the Virseptam Alliance and now have access to the Virseptam Alliance Privateer Job Board.


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