The Virseptam Insurgence

Privateers: Take 2

The group returns to Virseptam, and scouts around for things to do. Naomi helps out at the shipyards while Virgil heals the sick. Scott discusses plans with Hanz and decides where the group will go. To Earth we go!
The mission: guard a transport on its way to Silver Station. After an easy trip, we meet up with or contact in the Southern Hemisphere. Scott visited Pac-Sun while Naomi fixed an iced-over freezer.

The party proceeds on the way to SS, only to get yanked out of warp by a Granz Dreadnaught-class interdictor. Captain Barra of the GG Defiance demands surrender of the cargo. Granz gunners boarded the ship, taking all of the weapons and herding team Go Time into the captain’s quarters and then locking them in the brig after a brief musical interlude.

The team managed to make their way out of the brig and found the captain as well as some other ship hands. After a brief fire fight, the crew made their way to the power conduits that were powering the gravity generators. With some quick thinking, Naomi disabled the generators and the lights on the ship. The team made their way to an escape shuttle and made it just in time.

The heroes were preparing to jump back into sub-space, just as a Victory Class-Type II Dreadnought jumped into normal space above them. The cargo ship took quite a beating but they managed to jump to sub-space in time. On the trip to Silver Station, the captain revealed the synthesized healing chemicals being transported and the pertinence of secrecy for the mission. However, it would look like there may be a mole leaking information to the Ghari-Granz Empire.

Our heroes made it back to Virseptam, where they nursed their wounds and took some time to recover before the next mission.

Getting Acquainted
Better get adjusted quick

Our heroes found themselves right in the middle of a Ghari-Granz attack on Iqoj. They luckily make it out in time and find themselves in the employment of Hanz Nickols. They soon find they’ll be heading to Virseptam for a mission that Hanz is being hired as a privateer for.

The crew got equipped, got their fake ID’s, and headed off to Izabu to pull off a covert mission that would let the Alliance take back the shipyard. The team pulled of the job, with minimal casualties, and the Virseptam Alliance reclaimed the shipyards.

The crew headed back the Virseptam, where they have now officially been made privateers of the Virseptam Alliance and now have access to the Virseptam Alliance Privateer Job Board.


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