Type: Space station
Climate: Artificial
Atmosphere: Breathable
Gravity: 3/4 Earth Standard
Terrain: Artificial
Species:Mixed: Primarily Fraal and Aleerin
Spaceport: Stellar
Population: 140,000
Government: Private Charter
Progress Level: PL 8/9
Exports: Medical, Nanotech, Gene Therapy
Imports: Fuel, Labor, Service

Short Info: A wonder of medical science floating in space. It is one of the most highly regarded medical research labs in the known galaxy for development of medical, nanotech, gene therapy and developmental replication technology. The station is made mostly up of scientists, doctors, and researchers as well as a basic staff providing all the needs that the space colony would need. The space colony is privately owned and very little is known about who actually owns it, as it is a heavily guarded secret.

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