Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Jungle
Atmosphere: Breathable
Gravity: 1.33 Standard Earth Gravity
Terrain: Mixed: 70% Jungle, 20% Industrial, 10% Urban
Species: Mixed: Mostly Yazirian
Spaceport: Interstellar
Population: 54 Million
Government: Council Government
Progress Level: PL 7
Exports: Starships, Starship Parts, Assault Vehicles, Mechs, Raw Materials
Imports: Fuel, Food Stuffs

Short Info: Izabu is a jungle planet rich in minerals and natural ores. Below the surface, they mine for the ores and raw materials. On the surface, they refine the materials into metals, durasteels, and duraplastics and then ship them into space. Once in space, the Izabu shipyards convert the materials into ships, vehicles, mechs, and components such as the highly desired Iza Industries JumpDrive.

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